5 Must-Dos in Vienna


1.ウィーンのナイトライフを楽しもう / Enjoy Vienna’s Night Life

©WienTourismus / Bryan Duffy

中でも、70年代にウィーン初のゲイクラブとしてオープンして以来、高い人気を集め続けてきた“Why Not”はウィーンの旧市街に位置するゲイ向けダンスクラブ。3つのハコを持つ“Why Not”は常に様々な音楽を流し、幅広い客層を惹きつけています。(営業日:金曜日・土曜日・祝日前日)

Vienna is home to many LGBT focused events and clubs. Why Not, Vienna’s first gay club, opened in the 1970s. It’s a popular spot attracting a diverse range of customers thanks to its 3 distinct bars which offer patrons an array of musical choices. (Open on Fridays, Saturdays, and the day before a public holiday.)
Vienna is also home to G.Spot, an organization which runs monthly events targeted towards lesbians. G.Spot events are known for their lively techno music and dancing.


2.馬車でウィーンの旧市街を探索しよう / Take a Carriage Ride through Vienna’s Old Town


©WienTourismus / Peter Rigaud


Entering Vienna’s old town is like taking a trip back in time, giving visitors a look back at a different age. There is not more appropriate way to explore the old town than to live like royalty and take in the sights on a horse-drawn carriage.


3.ミュージアムへ行こう / Take in a Museum

© WienTourismus / Peter Rigaud


Vienna’s Museum Quarter is one of the largest culture and art complexes in the world. Its collection of museums showcase a variety of art styles and exhibits, all presented amidst architecture which beautifully melds baroque, modern, and postmodern styles. The Quarter also features numerous cafes and restaurants, perfect to take a break in and reflect on the day’s activities. Vienna is also home to the “Remise” Transport Museum, built on the site of the former Erdberg tram depot. The museum covers all forms of transport, with a particular focus on trams, busses, and on Vienna’s transportation system.


4.アプフェルシュトゥルーデルを食べよう / Grab an Apple Strudel


©WienTourismus / Robert Osmark


Loved all over the world, apple strudels are originally from Vienna. A trip to Vienna would not be complete without trying the original at its best. Goes especially well with a vanilla sauce topping and a cup of fine Austrian coffee.


5.お土産を買おう / Pick up Some Souvenirs

©Hotel Sacher Wien


Hotel Sacher is the birthplace of the sachertorte chocolate tart, first made for Prince Wenzel von Metternich in 1832. Sachertortes are a perfect chocolate treat. Also sure to be a hit back home are Manner chocolate wafers.